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In a dreaming of escape, far away above the moutains and the moors. Dream in history, in smile. Hopes in the voluptuous dancing of a jellyfish. Car tel est notre bon plaisir.

Game of Thrones meme - nine characters - [7/9] - Catelyn Stark

"She was a widow, a traitor, a grieving mother and wise, wise in the ways of the world.”

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Horses in Gozzoli’s Journey of the Magi, Part II (Part I)

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"May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks."
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"I have sea foam in my veins, I understand the language of waves."
Jean Cocteau, from Le Testament d’Orphée (Les Éditions Cinégraphiques, 1960)

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I still find it the funniest thing that the French nobles were scandalized when Louis XVI *didn’t* take an official mistress or sleep around, as French kings were expected to in the 17th and 18th centuries.

He’s just like “but I love my wife” meanwhile the court at Versailles is all “what the fuck is this monogamy bullshit”.


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Melkor Rising

I finally finished it

I didn’t know if I want to keep the flames and the blue lava visible or not so as always there are alternate versions.

This was suppose to be before he fights Tulkas but i dunnooooo -shrugs-

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"for a great madness of rage was upon him, so that his eyes shone like the eyes of the valar."

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(sweats) i just want to test some brushes

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*frantically slams button*

*breaks button*



*frantically slams button*

*breaks button*

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Ludovico Cardi (aka Cigoli). Sketch of Lucifer for The Divine Comedy,  ca. 1590


Ludovico Cardi (aka Cigoli). Sketch of Lucifer for The Divine Comedy,  ca. 1590

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I was always artsy — always drawing, always painting. I was pretty quiet. Actually, I’m still kind of quiet. I preferred to play by myself than with anyone else. But I played with other people, too… when I had to [Laughs]. My parents were like, “Why don’t you have friends over?”

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