Steph. 22. INTP.

I am from Paris and study Dramatic art at uni, and going to start History of Art at l'Ecole du Louvre.
I'm a History/mythology/Art nerd, LotR and Silm worshipper, ASoIaF adorator, Louis XIV's subject, and a shitty drawer.

Please feel always free to send me a request, anything or ask. I love to speak with new people :)

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Well it’s from now almost a week that I’ve finished my exams, and as you can see I am really busy when I’m doing an essay. These drawing were made during this week, and I can easily related them to their precise subject, each one. I know that some of my friends look at me with an angry eye saying: “Hell! you should write instead of drawing, you’re always complaining that you never got enough time. There’s the problem!” Well yeah I’m aware of that but, unfortunately for me, I just can’t properly think if my pencil do not draw something somewhere on my paper. Anyway, I dislike each of them except the last one and my plague doctor. I wanted to share those with you, to see if I’m the only one who draw not to distract myself, but to be focused on my work.

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