Steph. 22. INTP.

I am from Paris and study Dramatic art at uni, and going to start History of Art at l'Ecole du Louvre.
I'm a History/mythology/Art nerd, LotR and Silm worshipper, ASoIaF adorator, Louis XIV's subject, and a shitty drawer.

Please feel always free to send me a request, anything or ask. I love to speak with new people :)

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The Sun’s Brother, a prince of pleasure ☙ A Philippe d’Orléans’ fanmix.

Devoted Prince, precious aristocrat, fond of parties and ribbons and men. A brother, a lover, a subject. A frivolous and eternal child, hidding in his heart so much pain, seeking perfection to hide his tragic existence.

K.1 Sonata for Harpsichord : Scarlatti {a precious prince}
Pompeii (Monsieur Adi Remix) : Bastille {always the same even in crisis}
It’s Raining Men : The Weather Girls {Men and life’s lover}
I Want Candy (Kevin Shields Remix) : Bow Wow Wow {eternal teenager}
Date With The Night : Yeah Yeah Yeahs {rounder}
Applause : Lady Gaga {all for the gallery}
Art is hard : Cursive {unsatisfied seeker of perfection}
Sweet Transvestite : Rocky Horror Picture Show {More Princess than Prince}
Young and Beautiful : Lana Del Rey {Philippe and the Chevalier}
Devoted : Lacuna Coil {First subject of the realm}
I love you : Woodkid {Philippe and Louis}

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