name. age. mbti.

I am from Paris and study Dramatic art at uni, and going to start History of Art at l'Ecole du Louvre.
I'm a History/mythology/Art nerd, LotR and Silm worshipper, ASoIaF adorator, Louis XIV's subject, and a shitty drawer.

Please feel always free to send me a request, anything or ask. I love to speak with new people :)

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they got a bit distracted…and tempted…


  Don’t let them walk all over you. You’ve got to fight your corner.


We are like a family downstairs

Downton Abbey AU - Medieval Ages
requested by anonymous

- You’ve always been so kind to me, always — from when I was quite a little girl. Why is that?
- Even a butler has his favourites, my lady.


Have you ever felt your life was somehow slipping away, and there was nothing you could do to stop it?  I think everyone feels that at one time or another.